The Last 48 - Bond King and a Reminder

Outside of the normal market and economic analysis, two pieces of content stand out for me so far this week. Here they are.

Barry Ritholtz interviewed Bill Gross in a two part series for Bloomberg Radio. If you don’t know who Bill Gross is then don’t worry about listening. Otherwise, I found it to be phenomenal.

Late last night (yes, 9pm is late for me) Josh Brown posted an eloquent reminder to advisors and investors about whey professional money management is important during times like we have seen recently. For me, it was a great reminder of what I often tell clients. It's the volatile and down years when we really earn what they pay us. Those are the years that should separate their returns from the average investor's returns. Those are the years you should need us the most. Those are the years our experience and expertise should pay off. A lot of our clients were with us in 2007/2008. They learned this first hand. Many of our clients were not investing with us yet in '08. They really haven’t seen active management in action during a downturn. As Josh puts it, “Game On”.