Markets Catch a Cold

Technically we are not in correction mode....yet. The fact is, however, a large amount of investments are "correcting". A potential slowing global economy lead by China is partly to blame but let's be honest here. The markets have been resilient for a long time. 

Everyone gets a cold every once in a while. Even people who do everything to try and avoid a cold. Our immune systems can fight hard but every now and then a contagion makes its way in our bodies. The good news is most of the time its gone within a few days or weeks. Sometimes, however, it turns into an infection or flu. This doesn't mean you are an unhealthy person. It just happens sometimes.

Market corrections are the same. Occasionally a cold turns into the flu. A sniffle turns into a sinus infection. Market turbulence is not an indication that another 2008 is right around the corner. A quick glance at company balance sheets shows the vast difference between then and now. But, when it has been so long since we have had a decent decline it can feel more uneasy. 

To take your mind off of it, below are a couple of my favorite concoctions for trying to stay healthy during allergy season, cold and flu season and anytime I get that scratchy feeling in my throat.

Spicy Cider

Garlic Soup