Increased Pessimism Sniffed Links

Only two links this week. Honestly, there was an increase in pessimism on the web this week. Most of the points made were nothing new. We've talked about most of them here. China, decreased profits, Oil, ISIS, etc. I think what lead to this increased worry was the not-so-great labor numbers. The good news, however, is the markets have enjoyed a bit of a rally. The first link is long and though it seems to be a prediction of a looming recession, John ties it all up with a nice reminder that no one really knows anything right now. I think it is better to not know than to know things are bad. As I have mentioned before, we usually  believe the "truth" is somewhere in the middle of what the pessimists (or bears) believe and what the optimists (or bulls) believe. Have a good weekend. 

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