Catching Our Breath

As we near the end of our first round of client meeting for 2015 we always take a step back and look at our meetings from a macro level. What were some of the concerns and issues clients are having? What feedback did we receive? What questions were asked? 

What I find interesting about this year is the lack of malaise. Given everything going on in the markets and global economies I really thought this year would bring about more questions related to those issues. It didn't happen. We brought them up and addressed them.

Most client meetings dealt with much more financial planning related items than investment concerns. This is a good thing. I think it means our clients are focusing on what they should be and that is their lives and goals. I'm sure the general upward trend of the markets for the last several years has a lot to do with it. This allows investors to think more about what is most important. Instead of focusing on their returns and account balances they seem to be focusing on what they can do with their money. They trust the investment and allocation plan. 

As we all know, this could change during the next down cycle but for now it is good to see.