YTD 2018 Highlights

I highlight a lot of notes while reading. I try to make the time to actually review them each quarter. Here are a few of the hand picked ones I thought you may find useful from the last two quarters. Included is the link to the full article

Why You Should Be Working Less

If you’re constantly working you never have time to think and reflect. In a knowledge-based economy we need that time to collect our thoughts and work through difficult decisions.


Buffett’s Annual Letter – Some Key Takeaways

It is a terrible mistake for investors with long-term horizons – among them, pension funds, college endowments and savings-minded individuals – to measure their investment “risk” by their portfolio’s ratio of bonds to stocks. Often, high-grade bonds in an investment portfolio increase its risk.”


For Two Months, I Got My News From Print Newspapers. Here’s What I Learned.

Just about every problem we battle in understanding the news today — and every one we will battle tomorrow — is exacerbated by plugging into the social-media herd. The built-in incentives on Twitter and Facebook reward speed over depth, hot takes over facts and seasoned propagandists over well-meaning analyzers of news.

You don’t have to read a print newspaper to get a better relationship with the news. But, for goodness’ sake, please stop getting your news mainly from Twitter and Facebook. In the long run, you and everyone else will be better off.


‘Blockchain’ is a meaningless term

There are countless blockchain explainers in text, audio, and video around the web. Almost all of them are wrong because they start from a false premise. There is no universal definition of a blockchain, and there is widespread disagreement over which qualities are essential in order to call something a blockchain.