Sniffed Links - Sure Things

Sometimes a stock or investment can seem like a “sure thing”. Maybe it was Facebook. Maybe it is Amazon. It could have even been GE at one point. Whenever you think something seems like a sure thing that is the time when you should realize it may be near a tipping point. I believe Facebook and Amazon will eventually be fined, regulated and possibly broken. I share a couple of posts below sharing an issue Amazon faces (or rather ignores) regarding money laundering. Ara and I have gone through money laundering training every year for the past 15 years as required to stay in business. Why is it that Amazon knowingly and out in the open allows money laundering? A lot of the rhetoric out of the White House regarding Amazon is too focused on how the company is “destroying jobs”. This is debatable. But they are openly allowing fraud.

With all this said I am part of the problem. I still have a Facebook account (although I don’t use it except to post to our business site) and I love Amazon Prime. Like many investors, either directly or through index funds, I also own these companies. I know, however, there is no sure thing.

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