Sniffed Links - Sharks

You may have seen the $1B acquisition of Ring by Amazon. You may have also seen the story of how in 2013 Ring was on Shark Tank and failed to acquire a deal. Most of the “Sharks” would likely tell you this isn’t their only miss. They would also likely tell you they don’t beat themselves up about missing out on companies or investments. They made the best decision for them at the time. With the rise (and subsequent fall) of Bitcoin and other crypto currencies the feeling of “missing out” popped into many peoples minds. Worse, the fear of missing out drove many to invest at the top and subsequently see their money cut in half.

Warren Buffet’s annual letter is a must read in our industry and I linked it below but the last link is a very quick summation also.

Unless something changes, Beijing will be the only city that wants to host Olympics

Warren Buffet’s Annual Letter

Buffett’s Annual Letter - Some Key Takeaways