Sniffed Links - Clickbait

We tell clients to avoid financial media headlines because they are often misleading. As an example, below are three links CBS MarketWatch article . To call these clickbait would be an understatement. These three headlines appeared within 3 hours of each other!

The best is the first one. When you actually read what Shiller said he actually went on to explain he sees very little chance of a repeat of 2008 in the housing market.

Even if these predictions are correct most investors should still do nothing. Doing nothing is the hardest thing to do, especially when media outlets are putting out headlines like this mess. They take snippets from people and then use them out of context. But, it worked. I clicked on them and now you probably will too. Just remember, these “experts” know nothing more about what is going to happen than you and I.

Robert Shiller: Housing Market Now Reminds Me of 2006

Godfather of Chart Analysis Says Damage Done to the Stock Market is Much Much Worse Than Anyone is Talking About

Jim Cramer: This Market is Reminiscent of the Worst Crashes I’ve Ever Seen