Sniffed Links - Universal Income

We have had a bunch of meetings this week so the list of links is a little shorter. Regarding the first link…is this a sign of the Silicon Valley bubble? Now they are literally just giving money away. I am only half joking. I think this will be an interesting thing to follow. As the talk of artificial intelligence and robots taking away more jobs the idea of universal basic income is being talked about more. I am not as negative about the coming AI revolution as some. Throughout history jobs have been replaced by cheaper and more efficient means. I believe this will lead to more leisure time and more time for people to work on things they feel are really important. Economically it is impossible for there to be no “jobs” because there has to be an economy which in its most basic form means people have to buy and sell stuff. In order for people to sell stuff someone has to buy stuff and for people to buy stuff they have to have money coming in from somewhere. Universal income is certainly one idea. I do believe that whatever job, career or source of income my 5 year old has when she is 30 has not even been created yet. I think this is exciting.

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