Sniffed Links - Cash

Not many links this week. Just one actually. The last week of the quarter is a busy one and we are also preparing for our mock compliance audit in early October. Which is ironic given the recent news last week of a hack at the SEC. As I have said before, hacks are just an inevitable part of life these days. On another “compliance” and regulator related matter, the wife and I just finished the first season of Ozark on Netflix which features Jason Bateman as a financial advisor turned money launderer. I always found the anti-money laundering training we have to go through a bit of a joke. It’s like having a anti-stabbing people training. It kind of goes without saying that you shouldn’t launder clients money. The training basically consisted of “do not take bags of cash from clients”. So if any of you were thinking about bringing a bag load of cash to your next meeting, please leave it at home.

Hack at S.E.C. Provides Warning for Other Regulators