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The picture at the bottom of this post is a snapshot of the markets I took the day my Daughter was born 5 years ago. The iPhone UI has come a long way since then and so have the markets. The Dow is now around 22,000. I guess the market naysayers in 2012 missed a TON of gains.

The Equifax breach was unsettling to many but hopefully not a surprise. I have mentioned before that we feel cyber security is one of the biggest threats to the markets. There will be a much bigger cyber crime in the coming years. It could be Russia, China or little Jimmy in mom and dad’s basement. It could be against an entity or a government. Who knows. But it is likely to derail markets for a period of time. Does this mean it will send the economy and markets into a 2008 plummet. Most likely not even close. But it will scare people and it will initially put major down pressure on markets. As a result, security will get better until the next time an even bigger one happens. While we think it is one of the biggest threats and concerns it is not something we worry about per se. There is no reason to worry because we assume it will happen and when it does we won’t be surprised. As for you personally, continue to stay vigilant in protecting your data and consider doing the things listed at the bottom of our first link.

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