Sniffed Links - 10 Years

You are gonna start hearing a lot about the ten year anniversary of the start of the Great Recession. It was August 2008 when the first signs of trouble really began. Not many foresaw how the next year and a half would unfold. It was a defining period in our careers. We learned lessons on how to help guide clients psychologically through the worst period of their investing lives. I truly believe we saved our clients vast amounts of money. Not because we could find “safe” investments during this period (everyone’s accounts declined)but because we were able to keep clients from making poor decisions and kept them focused on the longer term. Staying invested during that period took trust, patience and faith. Our clients did a great job. Ultimately, we all made it through. The next major market decline is unlikely to be as bad but is inevitable. While we don’t look forward to it we are ready.

Enjoy this week’s links…

Domino’s Turnaround: Delivering on the 300-Hour Rule

Time Scarcity: The Allure of More

“I would never have imagined spending money on things I could easily do myself but now I’m more than happy to buy time if it allows me to focus on things I care about”

Re: the above link…

Matt’s notes here: I can't recall when I became this way but it was around the time we had our daughter.

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