Sniffed Links - Rate Hike

The Fed raised rates this week for the third time since the financial crises. What impact will this have on markets? We shall see. But, it does point to their positivity toward the economy. Couple that with corporate earnings this year and and positive movement of the global markets and you almost have to be positive. Of course there is a lot of talk about the next downturn and it seems this chatter has increased quite a bit lately. You should always be prepared for a downturn but it shouldn’t be something that weighs on your mind. If so then we should look at adjusting your risk level. Enjoy this week’s links.

Putting the Tech Wreck Into Perspective

Harry Markopolos – Who Exposed Madoff – Has Uncovered a New Fraud - Articles - Advisor Perspectives

Barclays Upgrades and Downgrades Same Company -- On Same Day - Bloomberg

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