Sniffed Links - Oily Bonobos

I don’t usually comment on whether I agree or disagree with links we share but I felt compelled to comment on the first one; This is How Big Oil Will Die . I agree with a lot of this except his timeline. Most people I know out in the ‘burbs treat their vehicle as another place for "stuff" and having your stuff handy is very important. And with just one kid we have a lot of stuff we keep in the car. I think It will be a long time before people en masse give up owning cars. The electric care revolution is upon us and is poised to tip in the next several years. While Tesla gets much of the press almost all auto makers are putting energy toward electric and autonomous vehicles. Also, I think we sometimes forget how much oil is used in shipping cargo. It will be a while before container ships run on batteries.

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Instead of sharing something I am enjoying this week I’m going with something that left me disappointed and shaking my head…Bonobos. Not the animal. The clothing company. If you aren’t familiar they are a clothing company that could be described as a higher end clothing manufacturer who made a name for themselves in e-commerce and customer service for men’s clothing. Anyway, they announced they were selling to Wal-Mart. I spent about an hour in amazement of the responses on social media from loyal Bonobos customers. They were not happy.