Sniffed Links - Loaded

There are more links this week than usual but there are some real gems. I split them into categories.


The Oregon Trail Generation: Life Before and After Mainstream Tech

How to secure your Apple and iCloud accounts | Popular Science


A Dozen Lessons about Money and Investing from Kendrick Lamar (K-Dot) | 25iq


Early retiree shares 10 things that surprised him after he quit his job - Business Insider

BOOM! There Goes Your Pension!

Why Retirees Cut Back on Spending: A Growing Pessimism, It Seems

What Does It Really Mean To Live Within Your Means?

Enjoying This Week:

Vans Rata Vulcs. You may even see me wear these in meetings. They are probably in the “gray area” of business casual attire but they are too comfortable for me to not wear these daily. I’ve got gray and blue but may have to queue up a couple more colors.