Sniffed Links - Hard Hits

Traffic was ridiculously light at the end of this week around the DC/MD/VA area. I assume everyone is taking an long weekend off. When July 4th lands on a Tuesday it leaves Monday as a pointless “work day”. One of the things I remember each year about July 4th is that 3 former US Presidents died on the date (Jefferson, Adams and Monroe) and all three were part of the US revolutionary efforts.

Enjoy the holiday and if yours is a long one then enjoy it even more.

This is Your Nightmare Scenario

2017 vs 2000: Are Equities Really In A Bubble? | See It Market

Morningstar's first study of 10 largest HSAs reveals so-so performance

Clinton Portis: Bankruptcy, concussions leave RB sobered |

This last link is particularly sad for anyone who is a Skins fan. Like him or not, Portis provided some of the more special moments of the teams playoff run after the death of Sean Taylor. It’s also sad to see that it was the financial industry that seemingly helped bankrupt him. The NFL doesn’t do enough to protect its players physically but they also fail them (along with most pro sports) when it comes to financial education. I’m not the die hard fan I once was (for too many reasons to get into here) but I hope Portis can bounce back. My fear, however, is that he played too hard for too long both on and off the field.