Sniffed Links - 9 Years

Celebrating my 9th wedding anniversary this week. Time flies. We were showing my 4 year old daughter our wedding video from 2008 and it looked so old. Ironically it was the same year the iPhone came out. And we were in the full midst of the recession and a major market decline. From a technology standpoint 2008 seems like forever ago. An iPhone can take better footage than whatever the videographer used 9 years ago. From a market standpoint it feels like yesterday. It is important for advisors to have gone through that market and the aftermath. That’s not to say there aren’t amazing advisors and planners out there with less than 9 years of experience but what we learned during those 18 months will last our careers.

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Enjoying This Week:

Nick Murray’s Simple Wealth, Inevitable Wealth. Whenever there is a fairly large market decline (even just for a day or two) I go back to my highlights from this book.