Cybersecurity Reminders

Instead of a list of links this week I want to share a few reminders regarding cyber security.

I received a call this week from someone saying they were with Apple Support and that my iCloud login was attempted a dozen times and it looked like someone was trying to get in. I found it fishy because I had not received and email from Apple and I happen to know they email first when they think there may have been a security issue.

The lady wanted me to login to THEIR servers. Bingo. Never ever do that. Also never let someone take control of your computer unless you know who you are talking to is with the company supporting you.

What is worrisome is that I can see how a lot of people could fall for this sort of scam. A good rule of thumb is to always ask for a number you can call them back on. It is likely they will hang up on you at that point. Immediately search online for the support number to the company they said they were with and call to ask if the issue was real.

Also this week a client received a phishing email from Fidelity. She forwarded it to us because she didn’t think she had any accounts there. Feel free to always forward these to us because we typically know what these scams look like. Also we can report them to the financial institutions. Anyway, this was also a clever one that said there was an issue with an account and linked to a site that looked a lot like Fidelity. What they try to do, however, is grab your login credentials. Always check to make sure the URL linked from an email is something you recognize and look for the "https:" at the beginning. Also, in this case it never hurts to call the company directly as well.

Stay vigilant.