Sniffed Links

A few links of note for your weekend reading. I’m behind on reading this week due to the launch of our new client portal but not to worry my read later list is full and I’ll be catching up on it this weekend. I think I might also start sharing some interesting non reading things I have come across that I really like each week also.

Online Tool to Apply for College Aid Was Taken Down Due to ‘Criminal Activity’ - WSJ

Forget Miles per Gallon! The Case for Switching to Gallons per Mile | The Lowdown | KQED News

Updating My Favorite Performance Chart for 2016

Interesting Thing I am Enjoying

You probably get a decent amount of robo calls to your phone. You wouldn’t believe how many we get. Our numbers are publicly available because of our SEC and state registrations so we got a ton. It seems the consensus among iPhone users that the current app of choice for blocking these calls is an app called Nomorobo. So far I have been very pleased with it.