Sniffed Links - Reactions

Not much to share in the way of links this week. We’ve been reading stuff on the new tax code and getting our thoughts organized around it. Also I may not send anything out next week. Christmas Break.

I do however want to share something I have been ruminating on. I don’t want to leave the possible last post of the year on a negative note but I do want to briefly describe some thoughts on the markets as a whole. We have started to see investors starting to get bored with great returns. This scares us. Whether it is crypto currency, individual stocks or some other “investment” it seems people are now looking beyond the double digit market returns in search of something with more pizzaz. It is scary how much this reminds me of 2004-2007. Is this the spark of what could be the next market downturn? Possibly. It also could be the spark but the fire could be a year or so away. We don’t have to have a reaction to this feeling. We just have to acknowledge it. In the meantime we keep taking the great market returns and watch what happens with everything else.

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