Sniffed Links - Frothy

The “market top” rhetoric has really picked up steam this week as the DOW stormed to new highs. The market certainly feels “frothy”. We get the feeling a lot of traders may be looking for reasons to sell but just can’t pull the trigger (which is probably a good thing). I think part of the reason the market has stayed so resilient is the possibility that a lot of the outside “noise” is ignored by quants and their algorithms (again, probably a good thing). How can the market keep going up? Maybe because everything that makes humans feel like the world is in a bad place is completely ignored by the robots. I talk a lot about stoicism and investing. Robots are pretty darn stoic. As artificial intelligence advances, however, there could come a time where the robots take into account all the things they currently ignore (i.e. politics, natural disasters, etc.). What happens when the robots are no longer so stoic?

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