Volatility Returns Sniffed Links

Most of the Summer marked what seemed like one of the least volatile few weeks in recent memory. Gone were the triple digit swings in the market. We welcomed the mundane double digit ups and downs. Well the volatility has returned. We believe it is a mix of the "will they or won't they" Federal Reserve debate around interest rates that is once again mixing markets. We still think they will raise rates at least once this year but we certainly aren't counting on it. Mix this with the absolute craziness of the election and we expect some volatile weeks ahead. Here are some links to get you through the weekend...

  1. Birth of the Index Mutual Fund: 'Bogle's Folly' Turns 40 - MoneyBeat WSJ

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  3. Here's the Salary You Need to Buy a Modest Home in New York City, San Francisco & 25 Other Places — Reality Check | Apartment Therapy Therapy

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