No Links, Just a Thought

I likely won't post links next week since Ara and I will both be at a conference. I feel a little guilty because as you see there are no links this week either. Much of what we read this week was too "inside baseball" for your interest. As we have mentioned before our industry is changing (for the better in our opinion). Fees are coming down (even in some mutual funds). A fiduciary standard is on the horizon. More transparency is becoming the norm. Technology is making us able to do our job even better and with more efficiency. More regulation and more paperwork are coming but that is nothing new. The main thing you need to know is that there has probably never been a better time to get financial advice than now. Someone said recently that the days of people getting into this industry just to make money are over. It's just not that easy anymore. It's never been easy for those who do it right. Luckily, its becoming harder for those that don't.