Par 3 Sniffed Links

I didn't share any links last week. I was watching the Masters and didn't read much. When I say I was watching the Masters I mean I was watching everything. The Monday/Tuesday press conferences. The Wednesday par 3 contest and hours and hours of Golf Channel's coverage of the guys practicing on the range. Whether you watched any of the coverage or not you likely have seen or heard about Jordan Spieth's "collapse" on the 12th hole. If you don't follow The Masters you may not know that there is a "rule" that you ALWAYS aim for the center of the green on that hole, regardless of where the pin is for the day. Jordan ignored this rule. 

There is a "rule" in investing that you don't try to time the market. Most people know this but they can't help themselves. I am sure there were people (not our clients) who pulled money out of the market in January. Lo and behold since then we have seen some of the best weeks in years. It is hard to follow rules when emotions take over.

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