Noise Free Sniffed Links

Another week of market drops. This is when we earn our keep around here. Some clients pay a lot of attention to their accounts and the markets. Some don't pay any attention at all. The rest fall somewhere in the middle. None of these are wrong to do. Like many others, we keep CNBC on in the background at the office. We glance every once in a while to see what headlines are being used. Turmoil, Crash, Plunge. These are all popular headers. On the occasion we see someone whose opinion we respect we will turn the volume up. We are good at filtering out the noise but it is a learned art. The links we share are "noise free". Hopefully you agree.

Increasing Income and the Temptation of Lifestyle Creep

Don’t Break Up the Banks. They’re Not Our Real Problem. - The New York Times

The Pre-Cognitive Anti-Trust Violation:How the decimation of the IPO market has hurt the economy and worse | blog maverick

Tracing Oil's Hypnosis of Stocks From Wealth Funds to Junk - Bloomberg Business


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