Slushy Sniffed Links

What a mess. The mid-atlantic continues to dig itself out of this snowy (now mushy) mess. I was reminded this week how differently people can view almost any situation. Roads that I considered a complete disaster on Monday and Tuesday were described by others as “not too bad” or “in pretty good shape”. I have always been someone who questions everything. It got me in trouble in school but has kept me out of trouble as an adult and business owner. I don’t want to know what you thought of the roads. I want to know what the roads were like…literally. Lanes closed? Snow on the ramps? Wet? Dry? I need specifics. 

Some people just want to know if the market was up or down. Me? I want to know how much up or down. The day to day swings don’t mean much but the depth or heights of those swings tell us a lot about the current state of confidence and volatility. Below are three GREAT reads....and they aren't too long.

The Presidential Race Offers No Insight into Markets

Oil and U.S. Stock Market

5 Huge Misunderstandings About The Current Investing Environment


All opinions in the links are the authors' own and are not meant to be investment advice.