New Problems Are The Same Problems

Things are different now. Oil has crashed. Tensions in the Middle East are as bad as ever. Fears of a global slowdown are starting to take hold. Things are always changing. Always have and always will. The tools you and I use to invest m in the coming years will need to be different from what we used in the past. For so many these things cause anxiety and fear. Not just clients, either. During times of market anxiety I try to stay away from my most of my peers in the industry. Particularly the ones who only watch CNBC and read headlines from major news outlets. I filter what I read even stronger than before. Not to filter out negative opinions. Quite the opposite in fact. I want to read only the best, most thought out commentary. I want to know what the people I respect are saying. I don't always agree with them. But I want to understand their opinions. Ultimately, none of them know the future of the market or the economy. What we all know is things are changing. Like always. 

Enjoy this week's links and let us know if you need anything.

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